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Even the best writers can commit numerous mistakes. If you see errors in a book you are reading, it can change your perspective about the credibility of both the author and the content. This is why it is deemed necessary for a writer to hire a professional editor. The Page Vision’s team of editors can help your manuscript be polished, professional, and free of inconsistencies. The team follows the Chicago Manual of Style and spelling is based on Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Minimum charge for all editing services is based on a 5,000-word count.

Manuscript Assessment

The editor will go through your manuscript to know what kind of editing service you need. Every section of the manuscript will be evaluated and the editor will provide detailed comments and constructive feedback toward improving and polishing it. Turnaround time is three weeks.

Line Editing

The editor will check the manuscript for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. The cost is $0.045 per word.


This service attends to errors in spelling, grammar, consistency, punctuation, word usage, and syntax. This is a comprehensive style of editing compared to Line Editing. Price starts at $500 for 20,000 words or less. If your manuscript exceeds 20,000 words, additional charges apply.

Book Cover Polish

Entice book enthusiasts by giving them the best description of your book. Our professional in-house editors will assess your book’s cover text and transform it into a professional cover text. The book description is composed of 100 to 200 words that will be published at the back of the book.