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Want to experience the best of Page Vision Press? We got everything in one place so you can publish your work hassle-free! This is the ultimate publishing package offering you one-stop shop services so you don’t have to browse through different services or shop for Add-Ons — literally the top-tier package for you! Our Specialized Publishing Service offers the best of our editing, designing, and publishing tools, coupled with comprehensive marketing that guarantees you the opportunities to spread your story like wildfire in the book industry. Ready to take your story to the highest level? Check out the inclusions for our Specialized Publishing Services:

  • Data Entry (if needed)
  • Manuscript Assessment
  •  Copy Editing (if needed)
  • Hardback
  • Hardback
  • Softcover
  • E book
  • Audio book
  • Premium 800k Cover Design
  • Premium Interior Templates and Design
  • Interior Graphics and Tables
  • Consultation with the Designer
  • Free 5 Illustrations. If more than 5 illustrations,
  • speak With your book manager
  • Electronic Galley
  • paper Galley