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From Kindergarten to Kollege in 10 Steps


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Early identification and mastery at the third grade level is proof that a child has or has not developed these skills to successfully graduate high school and might not be able to perform at the college level. It is not a secret. Ask any parent and you will get the same response: “He’s always been a sloppy writer.” “She has never liked to read.” Parents have always known.

That’s why this guidebook is so important to parents and educators and anyone who has to write in their career, profession, academics and anything else that requires written communication skills basics from middle school, high school or first-year college.

The whole point of this book is designed with a willingness to start over regardless of what you learned or didn’t learn in school. Some students didn’t learn by circumstance. Some just need a brush-up and review. Some even hate to write and need something to guide their own children or others to be college ready. Whatever it was for you, here it is now.


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